Curvy Surfer Girl: Making Waves in the Surfing World

This month’s blog is all about body positivity, so who better to shine a light on than the amazing @curvysurfergirl - who’s making waves with her mission to expand the image of the stereotypical ‘surfer girl’.


Elizabeth launched the Curvy Surfer Girl movement in June this year when she was laid off from her day job and has already had an incredibly positive impact on women around the world. Racking up a tight-knit community of 12,100 Instagram followers in just over four months (at the time of writing), she’s breaking down barriers and encouraging others to be confident and courageous no matter the number on the scales.


After growing up in Texas and eventually moving to Hawaii, Elizabeth began learning to surf three years ago with guidance from the Ohana Surf Project team. She quickly found a new love for surfing and the ocean but realised there was zero representation of curvy girls within the surfing industry. From there, she decided that something had to give. Her goal since that moment is to create a space on the internet to encourage all ocean-loving, curvy women to think positively about their bodies and feel confident no matter what they do.


Sharing messages of empowerment, quotes and details of her life living in Hawaii on Instagram and Facebook, Elizabeth’s posts are down-to-earth, inspiring, refreshing, and positive. So far, she’s used her platform to dive into topics such as body confidence, cellulite, and psoriasis, much to the delight of the Curvy Surfer Girl community. She’s also using her voice to encourage brands to show up for the plus-size community by increasing their sizing selection and representing a range of body shapes in their marketing. Elizabeth hopes that speaking out about these issues with her social media followers will convert to driving change in the real world.


She explains: “I envision surf culture embracing plus-size women and plus size athletes of the ocean. Telling their amazing stories and encouraging women from all walks of life to join the bliss of surfing. I want women to have access to the equipment and quality performance surfing apparel that’s made to surf for OUR bodies. As well as the cute suits to show off our amazing bodies at the pool.


“My dream is to see curvy surfers featured in popular media, create a line of performance surfwear and make it so successful that we sponsor our own plus-size female surfer and body-positive surfing influencers dedicated to the tradition of surfing.”


Elizabeth/Curvy Surfer Girl isn’t alone on her quest to lead the representation of diverse bodies, and drown out the stereotypical ideology of beauty that has dominated the world for so long. Body positivity moments are popping up all around the world, and demanding equality, and we’re here for it.


Watch this space, as Lokahi ambassador Elizabeth will be taking centre stage in front of the camera next month to model for our 2021 swimwear collection.


@Lokahiswimwear | @curvysurfergirl

Curvey Surfer girl by the beach with coconut

Curvey surfer girl with coconut and pineapple

Curvey surfer girl facing opposite directionCurvy surfer girl snorkeling

Curvey surfer girl swimming at the bottom of the ocean

Curvy Surfer girl going up for air

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