The Coconut Isle Collection Collab with Amber Mozo

Introducing the Hau Mozo print.


If you follow us on Instagram or have browsed the site recently, you can see the fruits of our labor–Lokahi’s latest Hawaiian swimwear collection in all its glory. We want to shine a light on the inspo behind our tropical Hau Mozo print.


This fresh design is crafted in collaboration with Amber Mozo, a local ocean-loving influencer, best known for her surf and lifestyle photography.


Amber was born and raised in Hawaii by her late father - North Shore legend - Jon Mozo, a seasoned surf photographer. Following in his footsteps, Amber has inherited his creative flair and made waves with her own surf photography, taking shots for the likes of O’Neill and Billabong. She’s also kind of a big deal on Instagram, where she shares a glimpse into her everyday life with over 130,000 followers.


Amber and the Lokahi team share a deep love for surfing, Hawaii, travel, and the ocean. With so much common ground, it was a natural fit to come together and create a Tahitian-inspired, flower print swimwear design.


Tropical blooms are a common theme in the Coconut Isle Collection. Nature lovers might recognize the Hau flower featuring in the new range, which grows in Hawaii and other Polynesian islands. The plant thrives near the ocean, streams, and in areas rich with moisture, multiplying to form an abundance of twisted branches and multihued petals. The magical Hau changes color from bright yellow to orange, then swiftly turns reddish-brown right before it falls from the tree.


In August last year, Amber took a trip to Tahiti with her mother and sister, Bell Mozo. Her parents were regular visitors to this sunlit, Pacific Ocean island that holds a place in her family’s heart. The Hau Mozo flowers adorn the beautiful island of Tahiti, and Amber shared a photograph of this incredible Tahitian flower on her Instagram page. A fellow lover of tropical flowers, Emily, Lokahi’s founder, saw the photo and connected with Amber to propose collaborating on a print for the Coconut Isle Collection. That’s how the Hau Mozo design was born.


The surf-proof swimwear collection is designed in Hawaii, the fabric sourced from Italy, and the suits handcrafted with love in beautiful Bali. We wanted to craft seamless swimwear to give a fuss-free, silky-smooth finish. Let’s not forget comfort (essential for lazing on the beach or riding the waves). Each piece is free of hardware for peak relaxation.


The collection has been a sell-out success (we're still pinching ourselves). It’s also created waves on Instagram, with influencers from Hawaii and beyond sharing incredible pictures wearing our suits. Shout out to Lea Goeson, Brooke Allexandra, Eryn Krouse, Julia Muniz Robinson, and Lidia Rico (plus lots more of amazing ladies who have been rocking our swimwear in the most beautiful, tropical locations). We salute you.


The Coconut Isle collection is restocked and ready to purchase here, with pieces priced from $85. Be sure to tag @lokahiswimwear to be featured on our page.


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