This month, we caught up with local surfer and influencer, Makoa Ah Sam, who works at a local jewelry boutique, to find out what she loves most about Maui, hear the story of how she started surfing, and which surf spots are next on her hitlist.

Lokahi Swimwear: Tell us about yourself.

Makoa: My name is Makoa and I was born and raised on the island of Maui. I like to eat, surf and take naps on the beach. 

Lokahi Swimwear: What do you love most about Maui?

Makoa: What I love most about Maui is the scenery. From Mauka to Makai, it has so much unspeakable beauty. I couldn’t even count the amount of times I say “wow” and sit in awe of how lucky I am to call this place my home. 

Lokahi Swimwear: How old were you when you started surfing? What is your first memory of surfing?

Makoa: I didn’t start surfing until my early teens. My friends were the ones who got me into it, and the second I started, I knew I was in love. It wasn’t until my best friend Sierra Lerback got me into longboarding when I was 16 that I felt like this is my lifetime passion and nothing makes me happier. 

Lokahi Swimwear: Is there one surf spot or wave that you love the most?

Makoa: Honestly, I don’t have a favorite surf spot. If there’s a wave I’m happy with it. 

Lokahi Swimwear: Where do you want to surf that you haven't been?

Makoa: Somewhere that I’ve been wanting to surf is the Mentawais. It looks soooo dreamy. 

Lokahi Swimwear: What do you look for in a swimsuit when it comes to surfing?

Makoa: What I look for in a swimsuit that’s good for surfing is something comfy, cute, and likes to stay in place. Lokahi Swimwear definitely has all those features and it’s what I surf in majority of the time.

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Photo credit (in order): Images 1, 2 and 3: Anja Liotta, images 5 and 6: Tehani Friesen.

Makoa carrying her surfboard on the beach
Makoa laying on the beach by the sea
Makoa wearing Lokahi Swimwear's Ohana Hana collection, Hana print bikiniMakoa surfingMakoa sat on a surfboard with both her hands raisedMakoa surfing in Hawaii