The Lokahi Swimwear Collection founded and designed by Emily Neal is inspired by the beautiful and exotic lifestyle of the Hawaiian Islands.

Lōkahi is the Hawaiian word meaning unity, oneness, and harmony.
Lō – means to obtain 
Kahi – is the shortened version of ‘ekahi, which is the number one. 
By breaking down the meaning of the word, we learn that lōkahi means to obtain oneness, unity, and harmony. 

We stand behind our brand's meaning to always try to find the balance in all that we do. We pour our hearts into every design and every print, finding the constant balance between fashion, function and what feels right in our community, for our community. It all starts with balance first and foremost.

Emily moved to Hawaii from the Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia at the age of 21, in search of good waves and the Hawaiian dream. It was Maui that captured her heart and inspired the creation of Lokahi Swimwear. What started as a passion for drawing the ALOHA prints in 2016, had turned into Lokahi Swimwear's first collection by 2017. The drive of envisioning her tropical prints on a bikini that could be surfed in, is what sparked this incredible journey and is still the driving force behind the brand today. Lokahi Swimwear is not just a brand, but a lifestyle.

Emily raises her two small children with her husband on the north shore of Maui, where all the ALOHA prints are hand-drawn and each style is designed by her. Inspired by her love of exotic flowers, vibrant colors and the feeling of ALOHA felt on the Hawaiian Islands, is what Emily strives to embody in every collection.

We work closely and have a great relationship with our family-owned manufacturers in Bali and ensure our suits are ethically made, as well as non-mass produced. We pride ourselves on being a small family-owned business and believe in slow fashion. Each year we create a new collection and new ALOHA prints. We work in small quantities to ensure our brand stays exclusive and unique. We do not bring back prints in later collections so once the collection is gone, it is gone! Every suit in every print is limited, unique and one of a kind.

Our aim is to be as sustainable as possible. We use sustainable packaging and are always striving to be better for the planet and its well-being. Our future goal is to create as little of a footprint on our planet as we can. 

Sending much love and Aloha to you from our small island in the middle of the Pacific Xx