Lokahi Swimwear is a sustainability-focused swimwear brand, born on the North Shore of Maui. The brand was founded by Emily Neal, who draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the Hawaiian islands and the charm of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Lokahi's uniqueness lies in each collection's hand-drawn, exclusive prints for all swimwear and clothing designs.

Emily's journey into swimwear design was influenced by her upbringing on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, where she began surfing at a young age, and thus grew her love for spending time in swimsuits. Her experiences in the ocean and a very beach focused lifestyle kindled her passion to create the perfect swimsuit, especially suitable for surfing and everyday beach activities.

In her early 20s, Emily moved to Hawaii and, while caring for her newborn son, she started working on Lokahi's first swimwear designs. She recognized the importance of striking a balance between pursuing her passion and being present for her family.

The name "Lokahi" holds a significant meaning in Hawaiian culture. It signifies oneness, unity, and harmony, which reflects Emily's aspiration for her brand and her life.

Now, as a mother of two young boys, Emily not only continues to create beautiful, sustainable swimwear but also shares her love for the ocean and surfing with her family on the North Shore of Maui. Lokahi Swimwear is a brand deeply rooted in a love for nature, sustainability, and a harmonious lifestyle.